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The salon is open for business.
If you are experiencing any symptoms of associated with the flu, cold or Covid-19, please reschedule your appointment.
  Call 920-237-2875 today for an appointment,
I'm often with a client so,  Please leave a message!  I will gladly return your call.  You can also text or reach me by email at maria@hairportoshkosh.com.

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Operating During Covid 19


Some changes have been made to ensure the safety of my clients, myself and our families.

  1. The salon is cleaned and disinfected regularly and in between clients. PLEASE RESCHEDULE if you feel sick, have a family member who is sick. If you are feeling symptomatic whether it is COVID 19, cold, flu etc. PLEASE call and reschedule.
  2. In order to follow social distancing guidelines of 6 feet, I ask that you come alone, unless you are from the same household and all are getting services at that appointment.
  3. Please bring along what you feel is essential: Keys, phone, payment or reading material if you are having a service with a processing time.
  4. Please bring a mask with you to your appointment. I choose to wear a mask to be respectful of the situations of other clients and their families. Please wear a mask upon entering the salon. If you are not vaccinated, I request that you continue to wear mask throughout your service. If you would like to leave your mask on for the entire service that is at your discretion. I do request that you leave the mask on during the shampoo portion of your service.
  5. I ask that you wash your hands immediately after entering the salon.
  6. You will be asked to proceed to my stylist station after your hands are washed.
  7. Following these steps will help ensure I will be able to operate in a healthy and safe environment. There may be a few services I am not able to perform at this time.  These guidelines may be adjusted as we adapt to the situation we are now living.

    Thank you. Hopefully things will soon return to normal but this will be our new normal for a while.


Salon Hours and Products

Salon Hours

Sunday ~ Monday  Closed

Tuesday~Thursday 10:00 to 8:00

Friday ~ Saturday 9:00 to 3:00

by appointment only. 


Neuma Beauty and Loma

Our hair care products are paraben and gluten free, sulfate-free and sodium chloride free using organic ingredients and essential oils. Both lines were created for beauty, health and sustainability.

Since 2001

Your Desires can be Your Reality

The Hairport Salon is a full service green salon that provides the latest trends and contemporary classics on all services including hair cutting and custom hair color, Curl without Chemicals, specializes in naturally curly hair and nail services. Our Just Gel Manicures lasts for weeks on natural nails. 

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